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Some people man....

Hey mr Christian man, when's the last time God spoke to You?

What an unual question I received at work, I didn't really know what to think...

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WOW.. a question like that makes me want to be very un-christianlike and smack whoever asked. :D how annoying.

(ps, sorry, posted the other comment logged into diff acct)
hi clint :]

Hey:) What's going on?
doin school work. How you doing? Let's do lunch!
um... whatever for the christians.

wanna know something cool though? the other day, i woke up with this really cool piano music in my head. i kept trying to think of what it was from. till i realized-

it was you on the keyboard playing for heart's fail! i like the band and all, but i think the best thing about it is the music, and you are very good with the melodies on it.
Thanks a bunch:) I really appreciate that a lot

HAve a groovy one