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In other news...

I got a new car today!! Clint is most happy. It's from Enterprise there at 35 and Judson, my friend Arthur took me there and I fell in love with a Saturn L200 (2003). It was only 10,700 and still had warrently left (in the end I bought the extended warrenty anyway, but you know)

I'm very happy. This is my first major purchase and sort of makes me feel like an adult. Sure I still live at home with my parents (sigh) but at least I now have complete ownership of my vehicle. Today is a landmark day in my life.

Although the passing of Deiter is a sad thing, I know that my new car will help me through it:) I guess that sounds really bad, unless you know that Deiter was the name of my truck, so bestowed many years ago, and although I never really called it that, it was still its casual name.

I guess that's all for now. Have fun

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