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Time for the expected update. I will keep this as brief as possible, as I've done way too much to go into detail on any of it...working backwards of course.

The latest news that I ahve is that our CD release party is coming up on July 17th...which is mega cool. We're opening for Bella Morte at Sin13, so that should be a good show.

Also, Mike and myself are working on a remix for Teh Last Dance. If you have the album "Whispers in Rage" we're doing the song "Somewhere more" Which is pretty good: We're supposed to be featured on the new remix album that will be coming out sometime, so we'll see how that goes.

In bigger news, I had lazer eye surgery over theweekend. It was very intense, but I can actually see pretty well now. My left eye is still recovering a bit as of this moment (they had to do a lot of work on it due to the severity of the astigmatism that it had) but my right eye is 20/20 so that's always ni No more glasses for clinty

The surgery was rather unnerving, but luckily quite quick, so that's always good. It did get rather painful afterward, but the real pain is in the drops that you have to put in your eyes every 2 hours, but even those don't hurt too much anymore. All in All, completely worth it.

I am however typing with my eyes closed (I'm stil sensitive to bright lights and wear these unusual goggles to protect my eyes).

I think I have a lot more to say, but well that's enough for now I suppose. Work is going well, Jess and I are are perfection, and I am very exciting with all the developments with the band. All in all., life is good.

Have a great one

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