Sarin (clint) (sarin000) wrote,
Sarin (clint)

I stole this from Josh

01. Why did you add me to your friend's list?
02. Why do you keep me on your list?
03. How much do you read my posts? (10% of the time...100% of the time)
04. Which of my icons do you like best?
05. Is there anything you wish I would filter from you?
06. Would you like to remove me from your friends list?
07. What do you enjoy most about my posts?
08. Is there anything about me that you'd like to know?
09. Do you think about me beyond the LJ realm (ie: have you ever randomly thought about me while NOT being on LJ)?
10. Tell me what you think of me. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, etc.
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