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Ultra Fast update

I got a job.
I work at Sam Ash
I work in the keyboard/recording section
Come see me

I'm still in school
I learn lots each day
I don't like my stats class too much
But I'm doing ok

Calculus is fun
But at times a challenge
Life is like that too
at times

Jess and are I perfect
We have love
Happiness is all around
I am Happy

Got a new keyboard
It has many sounds
I hope to use it soon in shows
Thanks Mike

I sell keyboards
I also sell pianos
I sell very well
I make Money

Top salesman am I
at least at the moment
perhaps a promotion is coming
here's hoping

A day off tomorrow
It's been a while
I need to do laundry
I stink

The band is successful
We play awesome shows
Joy Division would be proud
Friday, Communion, COME!

My friends you are great
I wish I spoke more often to most of you
I'm so busy, school work Jess
What is Freetime?

I hope you are all well
Safety is important
Proceed through life with a purpose
or at least have a ferret
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